How to take care of a reindeer skin

Place the reindeer hide on a horizontal surface if possible. Pets often adore reindeer hides, but unfortunately, they often tend to pull out the fur from the hide. The reindeer hide can also be carefully cleaned using the dusting brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Adjust the power of the vacuum cleaner as low as possible and always vacuum along the fur. Pokka Reindeer Hides prepares decorative reindeer hides in Rovaniemi at the Arctic Circle, close to the source of the raw material.

To make sure your decorative reindeer hides continue to please you, make sure you follow the instructions in the care guide below. It is possible for a few hairs to become detached after you purchase the hide and take it home.

Reindeer fur is hollow which makes it more susceptible to breaking. The shedding of a few hairs can also partly be due to the numerous production stages where the hide is subjected to mechanical strain. This minor loss of fur stabilizes within the next few months.

However, it must be noted that a reindeer hide is a unique natural product, consequently, small amounts of fur can also detach in the future during the lifetime of the reindeer hide. We always recommend careful handling of the hide. We hope you enjoy your reindeer hide and it provides you joy – the hide is a genuine example of nature in the Arctic.